Sunday, November 23, 2008

The name Back Yard Studios came about when my husband, Mark, bought me a shed for my 40th birthday. (ok, that was three years ago, but who's counting!) He saw the need for me to have some place where I could work on my art and not have to scoop it up and put it away before I had to set the table for dinner!

We placed the shed in the back of the yard under a big tree, and up against the woods. All fall and the beginning of winter I worked on it; staining, building window boxes, putting in flooring, work benches, insulation and pine boards for my finished walls. My friend Jane's husband put in electric outlets on all the walls! Thanks Phil! My husband finished off the ceiling with pine and installed track lighting!

We even managed to fit a sleeper sofa from LL Bean into it!

Though the space is small, I have managed to fit a tv with surround sound in here! A space heater makes it usable all year round. Yes, even in the cold winter months it's very toasty in here!

Even Lily our pug comes to hang out!

I have had many dinner parties where my friends and I end up out here in the studio with hot coffee, dessert and crafting! Even the kids and the dogs enjoy hanging out. If it had a bathroom I don't think I'd ever leave! It truly is a special place....
Thank you Mark!


Hollie said...

Hi, I'm Hollie from Ga. I love your little studio. It looks like somewhere I'd enjoy hanging out too. You made it into a very cozy & beautiful place. I love your little dog too.

CrewelWoolDesigns said...

Hi girlfriend!!!! So you're a blogger now????!!! Yeah!!!!! Love all your pics and seeing them brought back so many wonderful memories!!! Oh, the laughter ... it still goes on and on and on .... may it ever be!!! Love you,Jeannie